The cajon is a tool that is taking hold on the music market above all for its versatility in different musical fields. It presents itself as a valid alternative to the battery from which it takes a good part of sounds while occupying a much more restricted space.

To start playing it requires a good knowledge of the instrument which has a simple structure but undergoes many tonal variations based on the construction characteristics. In fact, to understand which is the best cajon it is necessary to evaluate the quality and sound characteristics of the wood beyond the setting of the internal components.

In this article we will find out what are the evaluations to make to understand which is the best cajon to buy.


Several musicians try their hand at building the best DIY cajon but it is difficult to get an acceptable result on the first try. Considering the cost of a quality wood, on the second attempt you will already have paid off a mountable cajon that undoubtedly guarantees to get a better cajon .

For example on you will find a complete kit of fast assembly of the Schlagwerk that allows you to assemble a quality cajon with a minimum cost. The result will not be like that of an artisan cajon but it will undoubtedly allow us to avoid the constructive errors in which we run from scratch.


To decide which is the best cajon for us and therefore to know how much to spend to buy it, it is necessary first of all to understand the use we will make of it. Who uses it in their free time, who to play in a group or even those who use it in a professional manner. In all these cases, apart from the actual cajon, it is necessary to consider the purchase of a series of accessories for cajon .

Below is a classification based on the price range to evaluate which cajon to buy :

  • Less than € 100

These are mainly good tools for those who want to start or want to keep one at home to use in their free time. Particularly suitable also for didactic use.

  • Up to € 300

These are cajon of well-known brands including Schlagwerk, Meinl and De Gregorio and have particular workings of the case as well as an understandable constructive care and choice of materials. Suitable mainly for accompanying or inside a band being the sound largely controllable.

  • Over € 300

They are mostly professional cajon that have remarkable sound characteristics thanks to the use of the highest quality materials and the possibility to adjust the tailpiece to the maximum. The structure is also designed to ensure maximum comfort for the musician.

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