We are pleased to announce to all fans and not that the month of May will be dedicated to drums and percussion. After having sensitized in January to the care and maintenance of the musical instrument , having dedicated the month of February to the guitars and basses , March to the Woods , April to the Brass instruments , here we are now with drums, djembé, xylophones, marimbe, vibraphone etc.


The word you wanted to hear immediately. We know it! Right now the already active offers can be consulted here: battery and accessory offers . But if you are looking for super offers we advise you to keep this page constantly updated.

  • Offers on studio batteries
  • Offers on acoustic batteries

Below is a selection of promo batteries only for the month of May with discounts up to -50%

  • Multi-quantity offers on chopsticks
  • Offers on dishes

Below is a selection of dishes

  • Offers on orchestral percussion

Throughout the month of May you will find different products from the Adams catalog (reference brand for orchestral percussion) of an extra 10% with real discounts that can even reach up to -25%.


The first suggestion we offer is to make a proper and proper cleaning of your instrument. We have already talked about it in January and we recommend reading the related article: Cleaning and maintenance of the musical instrument

Below is an article on cleaning the battery plates , a general overview of the acoustic battery , some practical tips if you have decided to buy the first acoustic battery for your child: battery for children-buying guide . If instead you are here out of pure curiosity, we will explain to you why playing drums is also a sport .


We hope you enjoyed this little introduction to our drum and percussion month . These are just a few lines but this article is constantly updated and is the real starting point to stay up to date on news and promotions. All that remains is to wish you good music!

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