We are pleased to announce to all the fans and not that the month of June will be dedicated to the lovers of Pro-Sound. After having sensitized in January to the care and maintenance of the musical instrument , to have dedicated the month of February to the guitars and basses , March to the Woods , April to the Brasses , May to the drums and percussions , we are now with Mixer, Microphones, Headphones, Cards Audio…..


The word you wanted to hear immediately. We know it! Right now the already active offers can be consulted here: Pro-Sound offers But if you are looking for super offers we advise you to keep this page constantly updated under control.

Extra Discount Pro-Sound Category

Throughout the month you will find an extra 5% discount on the entire Pro-Sound category except for the Zoom Brand because it already has dedicated promo for each single product.

Not just Pro-Sound

Interesting Offers also come to us from the related world of Homestudio. Are you a DJ? A Produceer? Do you like electronic music? Open your ears: the Arturia Brand in an extra 5% discount for the entire month of June. With real offers that even reach -36% as in the case of this Arturia Keylab 61 MKII White .

Mixer With Unbeatable Prices!



We hope you enjoyed this little introduction to our month dedicated to the world of Pro Sound . These are just a few lines but this article is constantly updated and is the real starting point to stay up to date on news and promotions. All that remains is to wish you good music!

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