We are pleased to announce to all the fans and not that the month of April will be dedicated to the brass. After having sensitized you in the month of January to the care and maintenance of the musical instrument , to have dedicated the month of February to the guitars and basses , March to the Woods , here we are now with trumpets, euphoniums and various brass instruments.


If you can’t answer this question, you’ve probably come here by chance or you’re a novice student and before buying an instrument you would like to have “clear ideas” about this fantastic world. Well then I suggest you read the article below: Wind instruments: everything you wanted to know


Offers on Accessories

The word you wanted to hear immediately. We know it! Right now the already active offers can be consulted here: brass offers . But if you are looking for super offers we advise you to keep this page constantly updated. For the whole month of April you will find discounted the entire Wallace catalog (a brand that produces mainly mutes) of an extra 20% with real discounts of up to -50% as in the case of this best selling Straight: Wallace Sordina Straight . We even put the entire catalog of The Wedge into an extra 20%, very appreciated are the mouthpieces made by the Canadian company. And if you have decided to focus on quality, this is the time to give yourself a good Bach mouthpiece , as all the trumpet mouthpieces (except the custom ones) you will find in extra 15% for the whole month of April. To access the offer click below: Bach Mouthpieces on offer .

Offers brass cases

Given the success of the promotion made in January during the month of maintenance on the Omebaige brand , we decided to propose it again throughout the month of April. So before they end, go immediately to the offer on the Omebaige brand that we put in extra 10% especially appreciated its trumpet cases .


If you’ve been studying the trumpet for a while, you can’t miss two super offers of Eastman Brand semi-professional trumpets that offer products especially in the “Brass” category with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Offer on Brand Opera

Throughout the month of April you will find an extra 10% on the entire Opera brand in the Brass category, with real discounts of up to -56%. The Opera Brand is a trademark registered by Daminelli Pietro SRL and deals with both woodwind and brass , offering products with an excellent quality-price ratio.


Among the innovations that could interest you in the brass category, we start not from the instruments but from some newly arrived accessories, which we consider particularly useful, offered by the American manufacturer Neotech . In particular the mats for the maintenance of the instruments.


The first suggestion we offer is to make a proper and proper cleaning of your instrument. We have already talked about it in January and we recommend reading the related article: Cleaning and maintenance of the musical instrument . Even if in the article you will find some good suggestions, your instrument could present some more serious problems where a “do it yourself” cleaning is not enough. If you have this type of problem or if you need other types of interventions, we advise you to make an appointment and bring your instrument to our laboratory in Via Ghislandi, 55 – Bergamo, where our specialized technicians will bring back your precious gem like new .


We hope you enjoyed this little introduction to our brass month . These are just a few lines but this article is constantly updated and is the real starting point to stay up to date on news and promotions. All that remains is to wish you good music!

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