We are pleased to announce to all the fans and not that the month of March will be dedicated to the woods. Accessories included. After having sensitized in January to the care and maintenance of the musical instrument , to have dedicated the month of February to the guitars and basses , here we are with clarinets, flutes, saxophones and much more.


Offers on accessories

The word you wanted to hear immediately. We know it! At this precise moment, the already active offers can be consulted here: wood offers . But if you are looking for super offers we advise you to keep the page dedicated to the wood outlet always under control . For the whole month of March you will find discounted the entire BG catalog (a brand that mainly produces accessories) of an extra 10% with real discounts that can even reach up to -45% as in the case of this useful chiver cleaning cloth : cloth for cleaning the chiver or mouthpiece. For your joy and great demand we have decided to put the entire catalog of the famous company into 10% extra whose European Cut reedsthat received widespread acceptance are available at -27% off! But we want to exaggerate: we put the entire Forestone catalog at – 25% extra so as to get a real -41% discount on almost all products. To conclude, we have decided to put the entire Silverstein catalog into an extra 10%, where even here you can find excellent accessories at advantageous prices. Another interesting offer is the one related to wood mouthpieces . You can always find several brands in extra 10% compared to the already active promotions and they are: Jody Jazz , Berg Larsen , Theo Wanne and CG .

Offers tools for students


If you are studying Saxon, you cannot miss two super offers in extra 10% for an actual discount that reaches half the price. They are a soprano saxophone and a high saxophone of the Opera brand and highly appreciated by many masters for their quality but above all the excellent value for money.

Transverse flute

Don’t miss this offer on the highly appreciated Yamaha YFL 272 In Extra Promo flute only for the month of March

Another interesting promotion regarding the flute is that linked to the Fluterscooter brand coverswith an extra 50% discount in addition to the promotion already in progress. It’s a serious end. Here below the covers:

Speaking of model covers, we put in extra 10%, in addition to the already active promotions, those of the famous Muramatsu brand. Offer active until the end of the series.

Refund of the Air ticket

From March 20th to April 30th we will reimburse the transportation costs of all customers who travel by plane and train and purchase a professional flute of the following brands: MURAMATSU , MIYAZAWA , PEARL FLUTE , BURKART , NAGAHARA , TREVOR JAMES , POWELL , HAYNES of the following BURKART piccolo (whole line) PEARL FLUTES (the two models). Ticket refund up to a maximum of € 700.

We advise you to subscribe to our newsletter so as not to miss an offer, since a new one will be created almost every day.


Never before is it possible to buy a good tool. The Daminelli staff has selected for you, among many others, some very valid products for various purposes: study, second instrument, concert etc. Only this month you can buy them at ZERO RATE!


An interesting month especially from the point of view of the novelties. First of all, dedicated to the great dreamers, it is the revolutionary sounding clarinet proposed by Backun and designed with the collaboration of Maestro Corrado Giuffredi and available for purchase at the following link: Backun CG CARBON Below is the presentation video by Corrado Giuffredi. All the news you can consult them at the following link: last wood arrivals


The first suggestion we offer is to make a proper and proper cleaning of your instrument. We have already talked about it in January and we recommend reading the related article: Cleaning and maintenance of the musical instrument. Even if in the article you will find some good suggestions, your instrument could present some more serious problems where a “do it yourself” cleaning is not enough. If you have this type of problem or if you need balancing or other types of interventions, we advise you to make an appointment and bring your instrument to our laboratory in Via Ghislandi, 55 – Bergamo, where our specialized technicians will bring back your precious little gem to the new. The number is +39 035 247 766. We leave you below with two tutorials on cleaning a saxophone and a clarinet.


Below are the events scheduled for the month of the woods (section constantly updated)

  • Clarinet Days . 16 March Cesena. The company is pleased to invite you to the presentation of clarinets, from the student series to the professional one, in the “Clarinet Days” event to be held in Cesena from 14 to 17 March. Further details can be found at the link below: Clarinet Days Cesena .
  • Masterclass & Concerto for Flute. Saturday 5 April at our store in Via Ghislandi, 55 in Bergamo.
  • Haynes’s Day . Tuesday, April 16th. We are waiting for you to try together with the Haynes Flutes staff, newspapers and flutes both in gold and silver.


We hope you enjoyed this little introduction to our woodweek month . These are just a few lines but this article is constantly updated and is the real starting point to stay up to date on all the news and promotions. All that remains is to wish you good music!

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