Yamaha YDP-164 is a digital piano suitable for everyone , accessible and professional. It keeps the famous features of this series intact, making everyday practice a true concert experience. The most important changes compared to the previous version are:

The Sound Of The CFX Grand Piano

The Yamaha YDP-164 boasts some really great sounds , thanks to the resampling for the occasion of the famous sound of the CFX concert grand piano, recognized as one of the greatest pianos of modern times.

The Keys In Ebony And Ivory

One of the features of the Arius series has always been to have a particular attention to the keys, with perfectly balanced weight . In addition to maintaining this feature, the keys of the Yamaha YDP-164 digital piano are in ebony and ivory, enhancing the touch and faithfully reproducing that of an acoustic piano.

IAC (Intelligent Acoustic Control) Function

The piano manages to reach quite high sound levels and not all neighbors like it. With the new Yamaha YDP-164 you will no longer have to stop exercising due to some near tolerant neighbors, because by activating the new IAC function you can adjust the sound in a balanced way at any volume level.

Moreover, the Stereophonic Optimizer allows you to perceive, even in headphones, the same full-bodied and natural sound that comes from the instrument, for a natural and comfortable experience .

Smart Pianist Function

This feature allows you to connect your Yamaha YDP-164 to an iOS system to help you with the study of the instrument. This function analyzes the audio tracks in your device and shows you the chord symbols. Moreover, it allows you to take advantage of many other useful functions.


Yamaha Arius was founded in 1995 thanks to the experience of Yamaha manufacturers, among the most important and experienced in the world. Among the first to create a digital piano in the early 1980s, Yamaha has become one of the leading companies in this sector, appreciated by thousands of professional pianists worldwide. Known as YDP, the Arius series is created with expert musicians in mind, in an attempt to recreate the touch and feel of a traditional piano .


This digital piano is the natural evolution of what Yamaha has done for the Arius series , which is the search for an instrument that can replace a classic piano at home. With the Yamaha YDP-164 you have:

  • A wide variety of tools and features , such as the ability to record high-quality performances, the presence of an internal amplifier, speakers and to set the sensitivity of the touch of the keys.
  • The quality of a real piano with minimal footprint , in fact Yamaha YDP-164 is compact and elegant, perfect for your home sessions.
  • Affordable price , because thought for practice and exercise, without skimping on quality.
  • Sounds and designs at the highest levels , typical of Yamaha quality.

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