The market offers many flute models for those who want to start this new adventure. Browsing the net meeting several proposals and as a connoisseur of the transverse studio flute, I realize that most of the flutes found online, even on very famous sites, do not correspond to the real needs of the budding flutist. There are still transverse flutes in non-silvered nickels, transverse flutes descending from the Si da studio (the Si foot for a child is not needed), transverse flutes in solid silver (therefore heavy) with low prices and a dubious or bad mechanical quality and infill.

The flutes that we have “built” and selected with our Asian partners (factories) in recent years are instruments with a high price-quality value. The entry-level transverse flutes we recommend are those of the “ Opera ” brand, a brand owned by Daminelli Pietro srl

The origin is Chinese, and the instruments are made in a Tianjin factory very famous in China for the high quality of its musical instruments. Our supervision was fundamental to create this very reliable product: I am talking about the OP-213 model with closed holes with both straight and curved heads: the latter is particularly suitable for children as, being curved, the bush approaches the mouth of the small flutist resulting easy grip and playing.

The infill of these models is well done, the pads used are Pisoni then Italian (and Italian means high quality). The mechanics are robust, the rods straight, which is no small task in studio flutes, the shaft is clean and the polishing is generally very good as a mirror.


The prices of a flute for beginners range from around € 300 to € 500. Below we see the details of 3 suggested models

The Fluto Traverso OP-213 has a fundamental characteristic: ease. The three registers are simple to manage and for a young person who begins to emit the bass sound is not particularly difficult. The joints are of excellent quality, both that of the foot and of the head. The price of the Opera OP-213 stands at around € 283 currently for both the open and closed versions.

Our buying tips proceed to the excellent 5X from the Trevor James factory. With this tool Trevor James lowers the price bar but not that of quality. The look is all Trevor James and recalls the 10X, a flute that Trevor James has been proposing as an entry-level for over 30 years. We were saying that the look with diamond rings (not that they have diamonds but the motive it creates is called so) is just Trevor James. The mechanics are massive, with Mi jointed that works very well. For now Trevor builds only the version with closed holes and foot on the Do. In the future maybe there will also be open holes but for now no indiscretion comes from Trevor. The sound: the Trevor head works really well in all 3 registers. The flute is well tuned with a wide tolerance. The sound is sweet and not too aggressive, open. The keys respond well under the fingers, the ergonomics of the key are comfortable. Overall polishing is very good. The price is € 304. It is not the basic flute, it says and costs something more. It comes with a beautiful purple case and a sturdy thermal cover.

We continue, always being at home with Trevor James, with the TJ3015ROE model here is the link: https://www.dampi.it/it/trevor-james-3015-roew-flauto-traverso-argentato-11197 This flute is obviously superior to the 5X both aesthetically and tonally. The mechanics have point-cup-arms that make the look very elegant and professional. This model has open holes, Sol out of line, Mi jointed and foot on the Do. The mechanics are comfortable under the fingers, the feeling is positive and from here we start on the right foot. Easy to play but it soon becomes clear that the flute has its own well-defined and clear tonal character. The case and case cover are of excellent quality, like the cleaning kit.

Going up in the price range we find the Yamaha YFL series transverse flute, the Quantz series Pearl Flute and still the superior models of the excellent Brand Trevor James. But for this you will have a separate article.


I sincerely hope this article has given you concrete help in choosing the best flute for beginners , at least that was my goal. I also invite you to read the article I wrote about the cleaning of the flute. Good music!

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